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ULIS bolometer for fast imaging applications sets new response-time record

ULIS bolometer for fast imaging applications sets new response-time record

The machine vision market requires high-frame-rate cameras for in-line quality inspection, an application that can benefit tremendously from thermal imaging sensors, which, when used in conjunction with CMOS cameras, can provide valuable additional information on product quality. Bolometers have traditionally suffered from response-time issues resulting in blurred images when used in high-frame-rate applications. ULIS has developed a new pixel capable of offering the fast response times required by machine vision systems.

ULIS bolometers have set a new response-time record (measured using the Thermal Time Constant) without compromising their state-of-the art pixel sensitivity.
Response time, which measures how quickly the bolometric pixel membrane responds to incident infrared radiation changes, is a key indicator of bolometer performance.
ULIS has developed a 17µm pitch bolometer with a NETD = 48 mK and T = 2.5 ms, for a thermal image sensor that is four times faster than the state of the art and better-suited to frame rates of 60 Hz to 120 Hz. This achievement was presented at the 8th International Symposium on Optronics in Defense & Security in Paris (OPTRO2018) in February 2018.

ULIS is now seeking insights from potential industrial customers to assess the feasibility and benefits of integrating this new pixel technology into a future product with high-frame-rate capabilities.

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