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ULIS, committed to innovation

ULIS, committed to innovation

To better anticipate changes in the thermal imaging market and understand the expected functions, ULIS has chosen to become a committed and active player within a variety of structures of which we propose a brief overview below.

ULIS is a committed and active player within a number of competitiveness clusters and corporate groups with an aim to extending its expertise and being at the heart of the decisions and innovations that will allow it to develop the products expected by the market.

1. ULIS and competitiveness clusters

The result of a decision made by the French government in 2005, competitiveness clusters bring economic stakeholders together by means of collaborative innovation and R&D. Mirroring the clusters formed overseas (Switzerland, Israel, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Denmark, etc.), competitiveness clusters aim at promoting gateways between industry and academic communities and at stimulating the network effect and collaborative projects.

ULIS is a member of 3 specialised competitiveness clusters:

MINALOGIC: an international competitiveness cluster dedicated to digital technologies, combining micro-nanoelectronics, optics-photonics and software.

Logo Minalogic Minalogic has more than 350 members including:

300 companies,
10 research and training organisations,
10 local authorities,
23 economic development organisations,

Learn more at: http://www.minalogic.com/


MOVEO: a competitiveness cluster dedicated to mobility of the future and the Automotive industry.

Logo Moveo  MOVEO has:

More than 380 members,
70% of French automotive R&D,
More than 100 technological experts,
An active international and Europe-oriented cluster.

Learn more at: http://pole-moveo.org


TENERRDIS: a competitiveness cluster dedicated to energy transition.

Logo Tenerrdis   TENERRDIS has:


More than 215 members, 

282 labellised projects and demonstrators,
A recognised label,

For more details: http://www.tenerrdis.fr/


2. ULIS within a network of partners

SIA (French Society of Automotive Engineers) groups specialists, enthusiasts and professional experts from the automotive industry all wishing to promote progress in their sector by sharing information and knowledge.

The SIA is a place where people can exchange in order to act, share, progress and innovate together. It represents the French automotive industry overseas as a member of the EAEC (European Automotive Engineers Cooperation) and the FISITA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile = International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies).

The thermal imagers developed by ULIS offer a solution to the detection
and decision-making aid requirements for all types of vehicles,
irrespective of weather and conditions (fog, night-time).

 Logo Sia        Learn more at : http://www.sia.fr


SBA (Smart Buildings Alliance) is an association, the aim of which is to organise the promotion of the Smart Buildings sector within Smart Cities by associating a group of professionals in this sector. SBA takes the form of a one-stop shop of Smart Building and Eco-District solutions. It organises the convergence of the three clusters, namely Building Automation, Energy/Infrastructure and IT/software).

SBA has 170 organisations representative of all the trades relating to the Building sector and Smart City stakeholders, with an aim to conceiving and defining Smart Buildings.

ULIS proposes an offer adapted to optimisation of building
resources in order to enhance their value in use.

Logo SBA HD Format Jpeg          Learn more at : http://www.smartbuildingsalliance.org/


ACSIEL is a professional group, the aim of which is the recognition and development of Electronics in France.

ACSIEL has 130 members whose ambition is to federate the stakeholders of the electronics sector in order to develop cooperation initiatives focused on innovation.

Acsiel Alliance Electronique Logo Standard                     Learn more at: http://www.acsiel.fr/


EPIC (European Photonics Industry Association) focuses its actions on LEDs and OLEDs for lighting, optical fiber telecommunications, laser manufacturing, sensors, photovoltaics and photonics for life sciences. EPIC coordinates its activities internationally through its membership in the International Optoelectronics Association.

EPIC has more than 305 members in 30 countries.

EPIC Logo Low Resolution           Learn more at : http://www.epic-assoc.com/


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