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We specialize in designing and manufacturing high quality thermal image sensors for commercial and defense applications.


ULIS produces the largest range of thermal imaging sensors in the world. Our product catalog includes wide variety of image resolutions from 80x80 pixels up to 1024x768 pixels (HD format). ULIS products can help equipment manufacturers lower overall system costs and shorten time-to-market.


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ULIS at IBS (Intelligence Buildings Systems) exhibition
11 Octo

ULIS at IBS (Intelligence Buildings Systems) exhibition

ULIS participated in the IBS (Intelligence Building Systems) exhibition held in Paris on the 4th and 5th of October 2017. During this exhibition, ULIS shared its vision of the smar...

ULIS held a two-day bash to celebrate its 15th anniversary
15 June

ULIS held a two-day bash to celebrate its 15th anniversary

Here are the people who through their hard work and positive outlook make ULIS a continued success.


ULIS, a committed player at the heart of innovation

To better anticipate changes in the thermal imaging market and understand the expected functions, UL...

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Improve comfort and productivity for the building’s residents while optimizing energy consumption fo...

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