ULIS, your partner of choice for thermal imaging solutions

When you choose ULIS as your thermal imaging component provider, you gain a partner you can trust to help you win new business in growing markets: thermography, surveillance & security, military, transportation... ULIS customers enjoy a number of benefits:

High-performance products and attractive volume pricing

Quality products delivering high-resolution images at night, in bad weather, and at long or short distances help differentiate your products
The only component provider to combine high performance and competitive volume pricing, giving you an edge on extremely competitive markets

Guaranteed product availability

High production capacity
Independent raw materials suppliers throughout Europe for output you can count on

A unique business model designed to serve OEMs

A deep understanding of OEM needs helps us save you time and money
Long term partnerships with camera manufacturers for custom product development

A dedicated customer support team

Responsive end-to-end customer support from development to production so you get the answers you need, fast
A long history working hand-in-and with your technology business units means we understand your business objectives

Access to state-of-the-art technology

Get the latest technologies on the market directly from a specialist
Proven silicon technology based on established semiconductor manufacturing processes ensures reliable manufacturing and performance