Improving road safety through enhanced vision

Thermal imaging technology uses the heat that is naturally radiated by pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and other roadside obstacles to produce images, even at night and in bad weather. This technology can significantly improve drivers’ vision—and that means safer roads for everyone.

visible image infrared image
Visible image Infrared image

ULIS thermal imaging sensors deliver a number of benefits

For automobile manufacturers
High resolution night vision to differentiate your products from the competition
Proven silicon technology based on established semiconductor manufacturing processes for enhanced reliability
High production capacity to ensure you receive the volumes you need when you need them
Dedicated customer support from development to production for increased responsiveness and fast turnaround times
Partnership with your technology business unit for co-development of the custom products you need

For drivers
Incomparable vision enhancement for easier detection of potential dangers day or night, in foggy or rainy conditions, without any additional lighting
Reduction of collisions and the resulting damage to people and property
Reliable information with fewer false alerts than other technologies such as radar, lidar, and near-infrared

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