Thermal imaging is the #1 solution for thermography

Choose our thermal sensor, and you’ll realize why we enhance your predictive maintenance and energy audits.

Thermal Imaging of a machine

Visible image versus an infrared thermal image

At ULIS we take care to provide the best thermal image sensor for predictive mechanical and electric maintenance, building insulation and industrial process control applications.

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Here’s why our solution meet your requirements:

Thanks to a cost-effective and high-performance solution your product is differentiate from the competition!


Our solution includes:

  • 24/7 operating capabilitie for optimize your manufacturing processes
  • State of the art thermal sensitivity
  • Compact and lightweight thermal sensor to support handheld camera design
  • A low-power sensor for optimize autonomy
  • A dedicated customer support to guide you from development to production

Use one of our thermal image sensors and your camera users will thank you to let them to:

√ Pinpoint building energy loss quickly and easily to implement energy-saving measures

√ Identify buildings quickly and easily

√ Ensure healthy, energy-efficient buildings

√ Get the data needed to prove compliance with environmental standards and agreements

√ High image resolution for an accurate reading of building’s environment


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