Protecting people and property with night vision

Video surveillance is crucial to protecting people and property. And yet, daytime security cameras do not provide adequate surveillance at night—when it is most critical. What is more, installing additional lighting is often impractical.
Advances in thermal imaging technology have made today’s security cameras efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. There is no reason not to make night-time video surveillance a part of your security strategy.

visible image infrared image
Visible image Infrared image

ULIS thermal imaging sensors deliver a number of benefits

For security camera manufacturers
High-performance, cost-effective solutions that differentiate your products from the competition
Guaranteed product availability helps you optimize your manufacturing processes
A unique understanding of OEM and camera manufacturer needs for added efficiency
Dedicated customer support from development to production for increased responsiveness and fast turnaround times
Access to state-of-the-art technology you can then pass on to your customers

For users
High temperature-sensitivity makes cameras very difficult to fool
Camera does not require costly, difficult-to-install lighting
Excellent imaging performance in a broad range of conditions: day or night; in fog, rain, and snow
Infrared security cameras can be set up to trigger an alarm if an intruder is detected

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