Helping the military see, locate, and target

Many countries are upgrading their armies’ equipment to maintain military superiority in times of geopolitical instability. To an increasing extent, infrared technology is an important differentiator. A key advantage at night or in low-visibility conditions, infrared imaging enhances target acquisition during ground-based, tactical, and strategic surveillance.

military see

ULIS thermal imaging sensors deliver a number of benefits

For defense systems manufacturers
Extremely rugged products approved by many departments of defense differentiate your solutions from the competition
State-of-the-art technology and continuous improvement mean you know you are getting the best and latest products available on the market
Low-power IR detection solution allows you to offer solutions that work longer between recharges
Low thermal time constant for higher frame rate
Dedicated support from development to production so you get the answers you need fast

For soldiers
The only technology to see, locate, and target day or night in all weather conditions
Heightens soldiers’ awareness of unforeseen hostile situations in real time
Extremely reliable for accurate decision-making
Lag-free image
Capacity to export imagery and information to other digital systems for analysis

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