Helping search and rescue professionals

Infrared cameras are the single most reliable source of information for search and rescue operations. Thermal imaging technology has matured and today enables camera manufacturers to offer a range of easy-to-use products that meet the demand for cost-effectiveness and performance.

visible image infrared image
Visible image Infrared image

ULIS thermal imaging sensors deliver a number of benefits

For search and rescue camera manufacturers
High-performance, cost-effective solutions
Guaranteed product availability helps you optimize your manufacturing processes
Extremely robust products that stand up in extreme conditions
Dedicated customer support from development to production for increased responsiveness and fast turnaround times

For search and rescue professionals
The only way to “see through the smoke”
Ensures incomparable vision in a personal-issue thermal imager, even in very hot, smoke-filled environments
Fast display response and high-definition images for real-time information during operation
IR images display immediately once camera is turned on, saving precious seconds in an emergency situation
Victim detection speeds searches and reduces risk
Lightweight for ease-of-use in physically-strenuous situations

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