Product datasheets

"ELITE series" thermal imaging sensors
Pico 1024 E
Pico1024E - UL05251-026
Pico 640 E
Pico640E - UL04322-039

Pico384E - PICO384E-043

Nano640E - UL04171-011
25µm - 384x288
Nano384E - UL04371-042
25µm - 384x288
Nano384E - UL03191-019
25µm - 384x288
Nano384E - UL03191-022

"PRO series" thermal imaging sensors
25µm - 384x288EP
Pico640P - UL04272-032
25µm - 384x288EP
Pico384P -PICO384P-049
25µm - 384x288
Nano384P - UL03162-028
25µm - 384x288EP
Nano384P - UL03262-031
25µm - 160x120
Nano384P - UL03362-040
25µm - 160x120
Nano160P - UL02152-020

Application brochures

transportation Transportation
Driver’s Vision Enhancement
Thermal imaging technology
that enhances night-time road
surveillance & security Surveillance & Security
Night Vision Enhancement
Thermal imaging technology
that enhances night-time
security and surveillance
Military & Paramilitary
Thermal imaging technology:
your best ally in the field
Non-contact temperature
Thermal imaging technology
for real-time temperature monitoring

White papers and conference papers

Products & Applications
Conference Paper « Spectral and angular responses of microbolometer IR FPA: a characterization method using a FTIR »
VGA 17 µm development for compact, low power systems.
High-performance uncooled amorphous silicon VGA IRFPA with 17µm pixel-pitch
High-performance uncooled amorphous silicon TEC less XGA IRFPA with 17µm pixel-pitch
Uncooled amorphous silicon TEC-less ¼ VGA IRFPA with 25µm pixel-pitch for “High Volume” applications
Uncooled amorphous silicon ¼ VGA IRFPA with 25 µm pixel-pitch for “High Performance” applications

Standards & certifications

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001

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