From start-up to leading OEM partner

Historically, France has been a global hub for thermal imaging sensor research and development. This includes the second-generation of infrared sensors using a two-dimensional array and silicon readout circuit.

ULIS parent company Sofradir enters development of cryogenically-cooled sensors, leveraging the research of CEA-Léti to become the world leader in MCT cooled infrared detectors.

CEA-Léti develops an uncooled bolometer technology to meet growing market demand for cost-effective commercial applications.

ULIS is founded in June 2002 to address the growing gap between two different markets (cooled and uncooled infrared sensor technologies). ULIS is a private company that develops, manufactures, and sells uncooled infrared sensors, mainly to OEMs.

ULIS develops silicon microbolometers for use in a wide range of applications, today offering high-performance, cost-effective sensors.