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We specialize in designing and manufacturing high quality thermal image sensors for commercial and defense applications.


ULIS produces the largest range of thermal image sensors in the world. It offers a wide variety of image resolutions ranging from 80x80 pixels up to 1024x768 pixels (HD format). A key advantage of ULIS’ product range is that it enables equipment makers/clients to lower the overall system cost in developing cameras and to reduce the time-to-market.



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ULIS demos smart occupancy sensors at Sensors Expo 2016
17 June
Exhibitions Smart Buildings

ULIS demos smart occupancy sensors at Sensors Expo 2016

At Sensors Expo 2016, June 21 – 23 in San Jose (CA), ULIS will demonstrate new trends in smart building applications that will improve the safety, comfort and energy-efficiency of ...


Thermal Activity Sensors: the smarter alternative to motion sensors

Find out why using thermal activity sensors will bring you more advantages in motion sensing than py...